Second-generation Apple Watch Ultra coming up: you need to know this

The Apple Watch Ultra is the best smartwatch Apple has ever made, but a successor is on its way. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s latest smart watch.

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Successor for the Apple Watch Ultra on the way

Usually reliable Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman has lifted a veil on Apple’s future products. In addition to the iPhone 15 and the Apple Watch Series 9, there will also be an Apple Watch Ultra successor.

The Apple expert was not yet able to say which upgrades the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will receive. But if we go by rumors and look at what upgrades Apple has planned for the regular Apple Watch, we can make a few guesses.

New chip, colors, sports features and more

For example, the Apple Watch Ultra successor will receive a new chip. The current Apple Watch Ultra has an S8 chip. Secretly, that is still the same chip as in the Apple Watch Series 6 (but with a different name). The expectations are that Apple will really use a new chip for the new Apple Watch Ultra this time, based on a new manufacturing process.

That makes the Apple Watch Ultra successor a lot faster and more energy efficient. For example, you may soon be able to do a (4-day) working week with one battery charge. That is the longest ever for an Apple Watch.


In addition, we expect the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to come in new colors. We think that Apple will at least introduce a dark-colored variant. We also expect new straps, some of which may be made specifically for extreme sports. According to rumors, more sports functions will also be added.

When will the Apple Watch Ultra 2 appear?

The first generation Apple Watch Ultra was released in 2022. Every year, Apple releases a new Apple Watch. So if we are to believe the recent rumors, Apple will release a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra this year. Still, we will have to wait until the keynote in September to know for sure.

Apple Watch Ultra 1 in brief

Apple has made the Apple Watch Ultra for (extreme) athletes, adventurers and outdoorsmen. You can already notice that in the design. For example, the Ultra watch has a titanium housing, which is much stronger than the front of other watches. The new, completely flat screen is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

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On the side of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Digital Crown and a side button are housed in a separate block. You can program this side button yourself and link it to an action. This way you can start a certain app or workout when you press the button. If you’re doing a triathlon, you can quickly switch between cycling, running and swimming with the side button.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a standard battery life of 36 hours. If you turn on the new data saving mode, the watch will last up to 60 hours, according to Apple.

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