Season 5 in the stream (subtitles) + episode list

The fifth season of “My Hero Academia” can be seen as a simulcast in the stream in Germany. Find out where and when you can watch the new episodes of “My Hero Academia” Season 5 online here on GIGA.

The fifth season of the anime series follows the story from Volume 21 “Why he continued to stand up” of the manga. The superhero training at the UA is far from over. Class A and Class B have to go through a new training program together. In the meantime, the young Izuku has to learn to cope with a new characteristic of his power “One for All”.

“My Hero Academia” Season 5 in the stream

The fifth season of “My Hero Academia” is in Simulcast to be seen on the anime streaming services “Anime on Demand” (AoD) and “Crunchyroll”. The current episode always appears Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. German time in the Japanese original with German subtitles.

On AoD “My Hero Academia” Season 5 belongs to the subscription content. For 9.99 euros a month you can watch all episodes of “My Hero Academia” and many other animes online. Alternatively, you can also buy the episodes individually digitally (EUR 2.49 each) or rent them (EUR 0.99 each).

At Crunchyroll you must also have a premium membership (9.99 euros per month) to access the simulcast. If you are patient, you can stream the episodes for free one week after the release with additional advertising and in lower image quality.

My Hero Academia 21: The first edition always with a glow-in-the-dark effect on the cover!  Yeah

My Hero Academia 21: The first edition always with a glow-in-the-dark effect on the cover! Yeah

Developer: Carlsen

German synchronization (GerDub)?

The third season of “My Hero Academia” is currently being set to music in German. The fourth season is so far only available as the original with subtitles. We don’t expect the first episodes of the German version of “My Hero Academia” Season 5 until 2022.

Episode List – “My Hero Academia” S5

episode German title OmU (simulcast)
1 (89) Class 1-A, all for use! March 27, 2021
2 (90) Afterimages 04/03/2021
3 (91) Confrontation! Class A vs. Class B 04/10/2021
4 (92) Let’s go Hitoshi! 04/17/2021
5 (93) Operation “improvise new technology” 04/24/2021
6 (94) looking ahead 05/01/2021
7 (95) The third match 05/08/2021
8 (96) The decision of the third match 05/15/2021
9 (97) The first wins 05/22/2021
10 (98) successor 05/29/2021
11 (99) TBA 06/05/2021
12 (100) TBA 06/12/2021
13 (101) TBA 06/19/2021
14 (102) TBA 06/26/2021
15 (103) TBA 07/03/2021
16 (104) TBA 07/10/2021
17 (105) TBA 07/17/2021
18 (106) TBA 07/24/2021
19 (107) TBA 07/31/2021
20 (108) TBA 08/07/2021
21 (109) TBA 08/14/2021
22 (110) TBA 08/21/2021
23 (111) TBA 08/28/2021
24 (112) TBA 04.09.2021
25 (113) TBA 09/11/2021

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