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‘Scroll sawing’ on family planning is synonymous with sex’

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With a family of five, there’s a good chance that moments between the sheets with your partner slip through the cracks, so there’s no other option but to plan with that trade.

Abigail (41), married to Roelof (46), mother of Siem (15), Roef (11) and Plien (9):

“Drawing agendas and noting lovemaking: unfortunately I can’t make it more romantic. With a family of five and a dog and a whole arsenal of sports, music lessons, school appointments, playdates and on top of that work, social life and household, nothing else comes of it. There is always something that takes priority.

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Creative in the garage

Before, sex was pretty much standard on a Sunday morning, but that’s not an option anymore since we have a dog that howls at our bedroom door from 7am. For years, every Sunday evening we filled the family weekly planner with the obligations of that week. Now the description ‘jigsaws’ is sometimes added in red. The kids know no better than that it’s about something creative in the garage. In reality, it is our synonym for fucking.

“Then nothing stands in the way of us disappearing between the sheets together”

When the boys have hockey practice on Tuesday and Plien is at ballet class, nothing stands in the way of us disappearing between the sheets together. Not very exciting, but it keeps our sex life active.”

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