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iPhone SE: Ann Bunny has released its latest November 2018 rankings for iOS devices in China and it is not surprising find the iPhone SE being ranked 3 rd in the list scoring a high 98%. Only the two iPad Pro models, 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch scored higher at 99%. This is an iPhone version of the iPhone 4

Many Positives About the iPhone SE Model

This has been a lot to many mobile phone users worldwide. Possibly there is still a tribe out there that is sold on the same size as the iPhone SE. They may not be lured by the larger 5 inch and 6-inch displays. One of the most important factors, studies have revealed, that the iPhone SE gives the user the comfort of holding the device on one hand or reaching out to the other. The other overwhelming factor is the female user. Women felt and probably still feel the iPhone SE is a compact device that they could easily tuck into their handbags and wallets and easily pull out and talk or use.

The New Version Can Be Upgraded to Win the Market

So, iPhone SE 2 with a slightly higher 4.5-inch display, a higher 3 GB or 4 GB RAM than the 2 GB on the predecessor, a better and latest processor and The updated OS: The iPhone SE 2 wants to be one of the highest selling phones Apple and some of the other top smartphone brands have been facing a decline in their sales volumes way in reversing this trend There is a captive market in countries like China and India where the aspiring iPhone bu yer would settle for a 4 inch iPhone SE 2 than any other brands.

Time for Apple to do its bit.

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