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Saving energy with a baby: this is how you do it

A baby takes a lot of energy, both from you and from your home. The laundry piles up, the bottles don’t warm themselves and the baby bath still holds more water than you think. The energy bill can rise so much, especially when your baby is born in the fall or winter.

According to Nibud, a two-person household spends about €132 per month on electricity. For a household of three people this is €165. This is how you ensure that your energy bill is somewhat manageable:

Run laundry

The laundry pile with a (newborn) baby grows twice as fast, but only try to turn on the washing machine when the drum is completely full. Also see if you can wash some things at 40 degrees instead of 60 or 90 degrees. Still hurts again.

In Bath

A baby really doesn’t need to be bathed every day. Besides the fact that it is not good for your baby’s skin, it is also not good for your energy bill. Two or three times a week is enough.

Putting your laundry in the dryer is a real expense. Based on current energy rates, an average drying cycle with a condenser dryer or a dryer with exhaust air costs an average of € 3.10, according to Nibud. Do you run the dryer twice a week? Then it costs more than 300 euros on an annual basis. If possible, let your baby’s rompers, sheets and other laundry dry on the clothesline.

Use the eco mode

Many appliances have an eco mode, use it. With the eco mode you get everything perfectly clean, but you use less energy. Only thing is the eco mode takes a bit longer to finish.

Energy label

If you go shopping for baby stuff, try to pay attention to energy labels. This label shows how economical the device is with electricity. The greener the label, the less power it uses. In addition, you make an environmentally conscious choice.


Cold coffee or tea is probably familiar to you as a parent. Use a thermos to keep drinks warm for much longer. This way, the coffee maker or kettle does not have to be switched on again and again. In addition, you can also keep water warm in a thermos for, for example, a bottle for the baby.

led lamps

Install LED lighting in your home. You can save a lot of energy by lighting the nursery and other rooms in the house with energy-efficient lamps. Also try to leave lights off as much as possible during the day, but also at night if you have to get out for the baby.

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