Save up to 30% on GigaMobil plans [Anzeige]

The self-employed are confronted with a multitude of challenges and costs in their everyday work. Opportunities to save are very welcome. We will explain to you how you can provide your self-employment certificate at Vodafone Business and use this to enter the GigaMobil tariffs save up to 30 percent!

For many services, a distinction is made between offers for companies and private individuals. As a rule, the self-employed only think of large companies when they think of business tariffs. And not because you, as a self-employed person, can also benefit from offers for business customers.

The following applies: If you are self-employed, it makes sense to sign up for a Business plan to decide. For example, due to the advantages offered to business customers over private customers.

Get a 30% discount now

Vodafone Business: The GigaMobil advantages

The GigaMobil tariffs from Vodafone Business offer mobile 5G network throughout Europe. You can always easily take your phone number with you. In addition, with the Giga tariffs, you always have the option of simply taking unused data volume with you into the next month in the GigaDepot.

The best thing about it: With the GigaMobil tariffs, Vodafone not only addresses private individuals, but also the self-employed – and they can secure a business advantage when concluding a contract.

Up to 30 percent business advantage for the self-employed

If you provide the desired proof of your self-employment, you will benefit from a business advantage of up to 30 percent. Because the self-employed save 10 percent each in the GigaMobil tariffs XS, S and M. In addition, there is a monthly 20 percent discount on the GigaMobil tariffs XS to XL for 24 months.

Now let’s take a look at what you need to do to get the Vodafone Business benefit. There are two ways in which you can prove your independence to Vodafone when you sign the contract.

Option 1: Your company is entered in the commercial register

If your company is entered in the commercial register, you submit the front and back of your ID card and a written power of attorney when concluding the contract.

Option 2: Your company is not entered in the commercial register

Don’t worry, even without an entry in the commercial register, there is a way to secure a GigaMobil tariff for you as a self-employed person. For this you also need the front and back of your identity card, which you submit to Vodafone together with proof of your business activity. The proof of business can be, for example, a copy of your last tax assessment or of your trade license.

Secure up to 30 percent business advantage in all GigaMobil tariffs

Once all the evidence has been uploaded, that’s it and you will benefit from the as a self-employed person Vodafone Business Advantage and everything that your chosen GigaMobil tariff offers. Being quick is worth it!

Get a 30% discount now

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