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Samsung will no longer support its old watches in 2021

Samsung is preparing to end support for several of its Galaxy Gear smartwatches in 2021. That will be early in the new year with the release of the Galaxy S21.

According to Galaxyclub, several Samsung watches and activity trackers will not support the new smartphones. The reason is simple: the manufacturer will no longer update them. This applies to Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, Galaxy Gear S and Gear Fit.

Of course, it will still be possible to use these watches with current Samsung smartphones. This concerns the Galaxy S20 and previous models. But we must draw a line with the connection to the Galaxy S21 and therefore the models that will follow.

What about the Galaxy Gear S2 and Galaxy Gear S3? Samsung will, it seems, continue to offer updates and therefore support with the Galaxy S21. In any case, there is no mention which evokes an abandonment for the moment. To be seen despite everything if Samsung will not put them aside later in 2021.

As a reminder, insistent rumors announce a presentation and availability of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 for January 2021. It’s earlier than usual. The builder usually does the presentation at the end of February.

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