Samsung TVs get a trick called HDR10 + Adaptive

An adaptive form of HDR10 + called Adaptive so that watching television becomes a party under all circumstances.

If you watch a movie on your beautiful OLED TV during the day, the experience is not nearly as good as watching the same movie in the evening. It helps to close the curtains, but sitting with the curtains closed during the day is another thing. Samsung has come up with something clever in the form of HDR10 + Adaptive.

With this technology, the TV independently adapts to the conditions in the room. Whether it is very light or very dark. The television’s light sensor is the hardware in this story that does the work of controlling the software. This new innovation from Samsung has now been announced, so we still have to wait for the first televisions with this technology on board.

Samsung HDR10 + Adaptive

The expectation is that the Samsung 4K TVs from 2021 will be equipped with the new form of HDR. So you will soon be able to watch a film or series in sublime quality during the day, regardless of the lighting conditions in the room. Please note, the series or movie must support HDR10 +. Of course it won’t work otherwise. Streaming services often indicate whether content supports the technology or not. And otherwise simply search on Google and you will get it.

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