Samsung showed a patch with an OLED display. What can he do?

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has introduced an interesting prototype that could change the fitness tracker market in the future. The Korean company showed a patch with an OLED display and a range of sensors. In a few years, we could use similar smart patches instead of smart bracelets to watch sports activities. The high flexibility of such a patch is unconventional.

The smart patch with OLED display works as a fitness tracker

The patch is placed on the inside of the wrist to keep the display relatively straight and therefore legible. However, the patches do not mind various bending. It is made of a polymer mixture with high elasticity and a modified elastomer. The presented prototype has withstood more than 1000 stretches and can stretch by up to 30 percent. Samsung said that this is the first similar technology and already they have now been able to integrate most known sensors into the patch, which we can know, for example, from smart watches or bracelets.

However, this does not mean that we will soon see the final version of a similar smart patch on the market. Samsung has yet to work on OLED display resolution, improve scalability and improve sensor accuracy. In addition to being used as a sports tracker, such could be the case in the future use the patches to monitor patients with certain diseases or infants.

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