Samsung SGH-L310 Allure from 2008

A real fashion-conscious device, that’s how the Samsung L310, which was fully called Samsung SGH-L310, can be described. This smartphone also appeared as an Allure model and looked very luxurious. The device was released in 2008 and in 2021 we will discuss it in ‘The forgotten telephone’.

Samsung SGH-L310

Being accessible in a fashion-conscious way, that was the idea behind the Samsung SGH-L310. The phone that also appeared as an Allure version was a clamshell device, so you could open it. The phone came in some stylish colors including black with gold and red with gold. Visible was the flower decoration on the outside of the L310 and the artful diamonds around the camera. With a new message, the envelope on the flap could light up. This flower decoration could also light up, as can be seen in the video. The mobile phone appeared in 2008 and also came to the Netherlands.

Samsung has completely prepared the phone for women. For this, the device was equipped with various women’s applications. You could quickly make a shopping list and a calorie counter could also be found on the SGH-L310. Another notable feature was one for analyzing your scent type. So the L310 could tell you what you should like.

The Samsung SGH-L310 also offered an MP3 player, had Bluetooth and had 20MB of storage space. You could expand this memory by a maximum of 2GB using a memory card. For taking pictures there was the 2 megapixel camera, which was therefore surrounded by diamonds.

The Samsung came on the market for about 200 euros.

Samsung SGH-L310 summarized in 3 points

  • clamshell
  • Fashionable design
  • 2 megapixel camera

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