Samsung sells far fewer smartphones than expected in 2020

Samsung has reached a new low point in the number of devices sold. The number of smartphones sold is at its lowest in nine years. This has not happened at Samsung since 2011.

Less sales at Samsung

The number of smartphones sold at Samsung this year is considerably lower than in previous years. The manufacturer has sold less than 300 million units and that number has not occurred since 2011, according to the Korean ETnews. In total, Samsung has sold 270 million mobile phones in 2020, the source reports. This concerns the so-called feature phones and smartphones.

The recently released Galaxy S20 FE won in the DroidApp Awards 2020

At the end of the third quarter, Samsung sold 189.4 million devices, which is an average of 63 million per quarter. It is estimated that in the fourth quarter, partly because of the holidays, a number of 80 million devices will be tapped. Samsung is the market leader in the smartphone segment. Since 2012, the manufacturer has consistently sold more than 300 million devices.

By 2021, Samsung would aim to sell 307 million mobile phones. This concerns 287 million smartphones and 20 million feature phones. Of those 287 million, 50 million would be so-called flagship devices such as the Galaxy S21, Z Fold and Z Flip. Reportedly, the Galaxy S20 series sold less well than previous series and it was partly for this reason that it was decided to bring forward the launch of the S21. That announcement is scheduled for January 14. Furthermore, in 2021 we will see more affordable 5G phones such as the Galaxy A22, A32 and also new devices from the M-series.

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