Samsung says goodbye to Note series and focuses on Galaxy Z Fold 3

There have been reports for some time that Samsung would like to say goodbye to the Note series. Now these messages are increasing and there seems to be a clearer plan about what Samsung is planning now.

Samsung stops with Note series

Various sources have since reported that Samsung will not release a successor to the Galaxy Note 20 series. If this is indeed the case, the Note series will not be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Nine years ago, the first Galaxy Note was released by Samsung. We have discussed that device in detail in our section ‘The forgotten smartphone’.

However, the gap that arises with the disappearance of the Note series is being filled again. The Galaxy Z series must provide this, this is the series with foldable smartphones where we expect the Galaxy Z Fold 3 next year. If the rumors are correct, Samsung is planning to ship the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an S Pen. This pen would also work with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, although it would be an optional accessory where there is no space in the device to store the pen. This must be the case with the Z Fold 3.

Previous reports also spoke about another innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. According to the reports, the smartphone would be equipped with an under-display front camera. So the camera should be invisible. The prototypes for this would now be produced. According to the South Korean source, Samsung is planning to announce the new Fold in June 2021. That is two months earlier than the Note series; it was usually presented in August.

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