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Samsung rolls out new security patches for Galaxy S21 FE, Note 9 and Tab S5e

Three models of Samsung have been updated with a new update. This applies to the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the Galaxy Note 9 and the Tab S5e. It varies per model which update is available for which device.

Updates at Samsung

At Samsung, the update machine is running at full speed. A new update is now ready for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Merel let us know. Her device will receive a security update in August 2022. This update was already rolled out for the three other devices in the Galaxy S21 series earlier this month and this update also appeared for other models from the manufacturer. The Galaxy S21 FE will also receive stability improvements for the device along with the new security patch. The update for the smartphone is about 400MB in size.

The Galaxy Note 9 devices will also be updated with a new update. The approximately four-year-old smartphone is still offered an update every quarter, although the question is how long this will continue and whether this might be the last update for the Note 9. We see the security update from July for the Galaxy Note 9. appear, Bart reports to DroidApp. The stability of GPS has also been improved. The update is around 220MB and can now be downloaded in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The last Samsung that can be added to the list of updates is the Galaxy Tab S5e. We see the stability improvements for this tablet along with the July patch. The last update for this tablet brought the device up to the February patch, so another update was certainly welcome. When you can download the update, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet.

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Check out our dedicated product page for more news, specifications and prices.

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