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Samsung removed a post criticizing iPhones without chargers

Apple was shocked again this year when it decided to launch its new series of iPhones without a charger in a box. Some Android device manufacturers responded immediately to this decision, boasting on social networks that their devices included a charger in the box – and even much better than the one it once gave Apple users. Samsung also posted one such post on Facebook, but for some reason decided to remove it. Will Samsung devices really sell without a charger?

History repeats itself

9to5Google has notified deletions. The post boasted that Samsung devices have the best cameras, batteries, performance, memory and even 120 Hz displays. And you also get a charger with them.

This post was published on the day of the announcement of the new series of iPhones, but since then the company’s opinion has obviously changed. There is now evidence that the Galaxy S21 series will not have a charger in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S21 without a charger?

It is questionable whether Samsung will actually follow in Apple’s footsteps. If it really works, it will probably sell its devices with a cable that can also be used with old chargers, not as in the case of the iPhone 12 series. But we will only find out the truth when the S21 series is introduced, which should take place on 14 January.

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