Samsung ranks first among the most aggressive in closing background apps

Samsung has taken the top spot in a survey of manufacturers most aggressive in shutting down background apps. Previously, this dubious honor went to OnePlus, but it drops one place.

Samsung aggressively shuts down background apps

Android is a great operating system full of possibilities. Manufacturers put their own sauce on the interface about Android, and the settings are usually also made the necessary adjustments. It emerges from the research by DontKillMyApp, which looks at how manufacturers deal with closing apps.

Previously, OnePlus was in the first place of manufacturers that are strictest in closing background apps, Samsung is now number one. This is the result of the update to Android 11. A new way of working is used for these processes, which causes them to be stopped in an aggressive manner relatively often. According to DontKillMyApp, it also affects health apps.

The reason manufacturers choose this way of stopping background processes all has to do with endurance. After all, tasks that are closed don’t require a battery. Users do report problems with this way of working here and there. It is therefore not user-friendly for manufacturers to do this, because notifications will not come through from various applications. There is one way to prevent it, and that is to manually set per app in the settings that no energy saving should be applied. However, many users will omit this.

OnePlus (which used to be in first place) is now at 2. At three (where Samsung used to be) is now Huawei, followed by Xiaomi at four. Oppo is in 9th place, Nokia in 12, Sony in 13.

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