‘Samsung predicts that 2021 will be the year of the foldable phones’

Foldable phones have hardly been sold since their introduction in 2019. Even after the cheaper Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr were announced, sales fell into nothingness with ‘regular smartphones’. Samsung predicts that 2021 will be different and wants to end the year with 6 to 7 million foldable phones sold.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3

Samsung foresees a significant increase in the number of foldable phones sold, according to details of Samsung’s sales targets published by the Korean The Elec. This is foreseen for an increase of between 2.4 and 2.8 times compared to 2020 – last year, despite Samsung’s ‘target’ to sell 4.5 million foldable phones, 2.5 million were sold. With the increase that Samsung foresees, there is a considerable burden on the shoulders of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

According to The Elec, the focus this year will be on the Galaxy Z Flip 3. That phone should have sold about 3.5 to 4 million units by the end of 2021, while Samsung expects the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to be between the 2.5 and 3 million copies are sold. What should make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 more successful than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is not yet known. It is possible that Samsung will give the Z Flip 3 a more attractive price tag, making the Z Fold 3 unattainable for many people.

Although Samsung is aiming to sell between 6 and 7 million Galaxy Z devices in its goals, experts are less positive about the outlook for 2021, according to The Elec. They foresee an increase of only 500,000 units compared to 2020, making Samsung this year will close with 3 million units sold. Which direction it will go will have to be seen as soon as the Galaxy Z devices are introduced.

Details of the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3

In addition to the details of Samsung’s sales targets, The Elec’s article also includes details about the upcoming Z Fold 3. For example, The Elec says it knows that the Z Fold 3 will get a larger screen compared to the Z Fold 2, with a 7.7-inch diagonal. It is striking that the screen on the outside of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will shrink by 0.8 inches compared to its predecessor, to 5.4 inches. On Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, all screens are getting bigger, with a 6.8-inch screen on the inside (previously 6.7-inch) and a 1.9-inch screen on the outside (previously 1.1-inch) .

Previously released images may show the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3

The website also states that Samsung will start production of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 next month. A launch for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 is next planned in August, it was announced earlier. Other details about the foldable phones are still unknown. What do you expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Z phones in 2021? Do you want to buy a foldable phone this year? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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