Samsung postpones Galaxy S22 SoC at the last minute?!

The SoC for the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been postponed at the very last minute. What’s going on with the new processor?

Samsung promised last year that January 11 would be the time when the new Exynos 2200 would be announced. The in-house processor for the Galaxy S22 series, on the other hand, did not come. That raises a lot of questions for fans. Is there something wrong with the production? Or does the SoC just not work properly?

Galaxy S22 SoC delayed at last

According to Samsung, there is nothing wrong, but it is certainly striking. The brand emphasizes that there is nothing wrong with the production and the processor would also perform well. But you don’t cancel the unveiling of a prestigious in-house product at the last minute if all goes well, right?

The well-known and usually well-informed leaker IceUniverse was quick to report that the previous major SoC release, the Exynos 1200, was also suddenly canceled. “It seems like there’s a lot going on at Samsung and it can’t be good things.”

The Exynos 2200 is now being announced during the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series and will also be released as a SoC for those smartphones right away. At least that’s what Samsung states, assuming there is indeed nothing wrong with the processor. The electronics production chain is on fire, so no one would blame you!

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