Samsung One UI 3.0 aggressively closes applications in the background

Superstructure One UI 3.0 has reached a number of the company’s smartphones in recent months Samsung and no doubt brought them useful features. Portal XDA-developers but now it informs that its last update closes background applications too aggressively.

Quitting applications is not a mistake, but a tool

This fact was revealed by the developer Urbandroid Team, which is behind the popular applications Sleep and Android and Twilight. Application termination should be in the One UI 3.0 update, which is distributed with the latest Android 11, as a standard tool. It is turned on by default and, unlike similar battery saving tools, it behaves very aggressively.

Because of this, applications cannot wake up at preset intervals or during notifications. An example is health and fitness applications that monitor the user’s physical activity in the background even when the screen is off, which they cannot with the new Samsung tool. According to tests, they end 3 minutes after the screen turns off.

How to turn off aggressive application termination?

In addition, Samsung does not offer the user any visible option to completely disable this new behavior. The only solution is to disable standard battery optimization on Android.

To make sure your favorite app doesn’t quit in the background on your Android 11 and One UI 3.0 Galaxy device, follow these steps. Go to Settings-> Applications-> Application Name-> Battery-> Battery Optimization-> All Applications-> Application Name-> Don’t Optimize.

Have you noticed an aggressive application termination on your Galaxy device as well?

OEMs of Android devices are happy to implement their own tools for managing applications running in the background. This is usually advertised as a means to achieve better battery life, but the cost of this is often that applications will close unexpectedly and not work properly.

It is not yet clear whether this Samsung tool includes every Galaxy device running Android 11 and One UI 3.x, or is limited to select models only. If you have noticed such behavior on your Samsung device, you can write it in the discussion below the article.

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