Samsung omits its own OS, Android Wear chooses

Samsung is reportedly dropping their own Tizen operating system to switch to Android Wear OS from Google.

According to known tasty IceUniverse makes Samsung a standout choice for their wearables. Instead of its own Tizen operating system, Samsung now opts for Android Wear OS. It would be the first time in years that South Koreans do not use their own software.

Samsung chooses Android Wear OS over Tizen

Since the very first Galaxy Gear smart watch, Samsung uses its own OS Tizen, but would now switch to Android Wear OS. The last smart watch from the South Koreans that ran on Android was the Gear Live from 2014. Since then, literally every watch of the brand has been powered by Tizen.

It is therefore striking that Samsung would like to step away from this. Incidentally, the generally very reliable tasty gives no reason for the possible switch. We do not know whether it concerns one (series) smart watches powered by Wear OS, or a complete switch.

In addition, the whole internet actually agrees that Tizen delivers a better experience than Google’s alternative. The latter hardly does anything to the operating system. There are hardly any brands that release gadgets with that software. Samsung could give Android Wear OS a significant boost, but what the brand benefits from it is not entirely clear.

According to others, Samsung is at least working on two new smart watches. They will probably be compatible with the Galaxy S21 series again. Unlike all current wearables from the brand …

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