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Samsung looks ahead to 2021; possibly a new Note on the way

Samsung has shared a message in which it looks ahead to the coming year. The brand will pull out all the stops next year, and that goes beyond just the Galaxy S21 series. There may even be a new Note. What can we expect?

Preview from Samsung

The year 2020 will be a year for many to forget as soon as possible. Samsung is already looking ahead to what we can expect in 2021. We also look back on the current year, where the year was dominated by videos (video calls, challenges and virtual parties). According to Samsung, 2021 should be an epic year in the video field.

But Samsung has more plans, says TM Roh, Samsung’s President Mobile Communications Business. Highly advanced AI capabilities are being further perfected and expanded, and camera quality must also receive more attention. TM Roh says the following about this;

“Our engineers and developers have worked hard to further perfect and expand the already highly advanced AI capabilities on Galaxy devices. The devices continue to learn from your activities and daily routines to take better photos and videos. In addition, for 2021, in addition to many other things, the further maximization of battery life and storage space and the optimization of displays are in the pipeline. The expansion of all these personalized possibilities always revolves around one person: you, the user. We want to enable you to be productive without any problems and to do exactly what you like. ”

TM Roh also says that the Galaxy Note experience has been analyzed and that the most loved features will be added to other devices in the line-up next year. There have been reports for some time about the support of the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is unclear which functions we can expect further.

Galaxy Note

It has been reported for some time that Samsung would discontinue the Galaxy Note series. TM Roh does not talk about this. The fact that certain functions of the Note also come to other devices does not mean that there is no new Note on the way. According to a Korean source, who has information from a Samsung employee who wants to remain anonymous, there will be a new Galaxy Note. The source says the following about this; “Samsung is preparing for a Galaxy Note launch next year”. Unfortunately, it stays with this information and remains unclear.

We will of course keep an eye on the messages for you. First of all, Samsung will announce the new Galaxy S21 series. This may be expected on January 14.

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