Samsung launches Galaxy Buds Beyond without ‘bean shape’

The wireless earbuds from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds series are one of the most popular earbuds at the moment. Now there is a rumor that even a new model called Galaxy Buds Beyond is arriving, complete with active noise cancellation.

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Samsung will launch new Galaxy Buds Beyond in January

According to a new report from SamMobile In addition to the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung also presents a new set of Galaxy Buds. That in itself is not so surprising and is entirely within the tradition of Samsung. The company previously launched wireless earbuds simultaneously with the S20 series and later the Note 20.

What can we expect from the new Galaxy Buds? SamMobile reports that the new pair, like the Galaxy Buds Live, supports active noise cancellation. However, there will be a big difference between them: the new Galaxy Buds take a different form.

Not bean-shaped, but with better noise reduction

Say goodbye to Samsung’s already iconic bean. If it is up to SamMobile, the wireless earphones will be fitted with silicone in-ear earplugs. As a result, the earbuds close off the ear better and the active noise cancellation can do its job well.

In addition to improved noise cancellation, the report claims that Samsung is taking several steps to improve sound quality. Among other things, by adding an improved Ambient Mode. The current Galaxy Buds Plus already offer a solid sound experience, but with the improved noise cancellation and audio hardware, Samsung is raising the bar just a bit higher.

An improved model also requires a product name that goes one step further. The report cites Galaxy Buds Beyond as a potential name for the new earbuds. This name seems appropriate. However, we will not know for sure until January or February.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series announced in January or February

Two rumors are circulating. On the one hand, SamMobile claims that the announcement will take place in January, on the other hand Android Headlines that the presentation is in a month later. Samsung usually opts for a reveal in February.

It is not the first time that an earlier disclosure has been expected. Almost every year there is a rumor that predicts that Samsung will launch its new phone earlier. Usually an earlier disclosure is not there.

The coming period will undoubtedly become more clear. So stay tuned through Android Planet to follow, for example via our app or newsletter.

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