Samsung launches brilliant new remote control

Samsung is launching a brand new remote control that runs on solar energy with their QLED TVs.

Samsung has some nice TVs planned for 2021, but it is the remote control that steals the show today. For all 4K and 8K QLED TVs of the brand, a special Eco Remote Control self-charging remote control is included. This is how it works.

Samsung Eco remote control

For some of the more expensive Samsung smart TVs, an extra is planned this year, namely the Eco Remote Control. What’s eco about it? According to Samsung (via TheVerge), only 31 grams of plastic was used for the remote control. 28% of this is recycled plastic.

But environmental friendliness is rarely sexy. The solar panels at the back, on the other hand, are. Instead of desperately searching for working AA batteries before your program starts again, this remote is equipped with a rechargeable battery. At the back of the operator is a small solar panel that charges the battery. You should be able to do it this way for 2 years, the South Korean company promises.

After 2 years you have to fully charge the battery for a while. If that is in the middle of winter, it can take a while in the Netherlands. That is why Samsung equips the Eco Remote Control with a USB-C port to pump some extra juice into the battery (slightly less environmentally friendly).

All in all, the remote control should last for 7 years, which is just as long as the accompanying TV itself. All of this comes packaged in less harmful packaging and Samsung says it no longer uses oil-based ink. In short, preventing environmental pollution while watching TV has never been easier. Well, it will hardly make any difference at the bottom of the line, but it is definitely a good start!

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