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Samsung is working on the Galaxy Smart Tag. It will be a product that you will appreciate

Samsung is said to be working on smart locator Galaxy Smart Tag. The South Korean giant is thus responding to the as yet unreleased Apple AirTag product, which the apple company was originally supposed to introduce in October, but in the end it did not happen, so we expect it next year. What do we know about him?

Samsung is working on the Galaxy Smart Tag

The fact that Samsung is working on a similar gadget was noticed by the LetsGoDigital website. Samsung sent a trademark to EUIPO just under the name Samsung Smart Tag. The shipping date is November 30, shortly after it appeared at Telecom India Galaxy Smart Tag codenamed EI-T5300. The trademark includes terms such as NFC, hardware for providing NFC tag identification data, electronic security tags, wireless tracking devices, or hardware for tracking the location of objects. Accordingly, we can preliminarily assume that this locator will be used to monitor other objects using NFC and RFID. However, it can also be used as verification device.

The fact that Samsung has registered something like this does not necessarily mean that it will introduce the product soon. We anticipate and secretly hope that it will want to be faster than Apple, so in a purely theoretical way a performance could take place. at the Galaxy Unpacked event in January. Among other things, the Galaxy S21 series will be introduced there. The price should not be extra high. Something in the range is expected $ 30-50. We can’t wait to pin it on the keys we keep leaving somewhere.

How would you use the Galaxy Smart Tag?

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