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Samsung is going to stop its own translation app S Translate

Samsung is putting an end to its own translation app S Translate. The application that has been offered on devices since 2015 will cease to exist.

End for S Translate

Google has Translate, but Samsung also has its own translation service. Since the Galaxy S5 came on the market in 2015, the manufacturer has equipped various devices with S Translate. As of December 1, Samsung will stop with the service, after which it will go black. Samsung has announced that the service can no longer be continued due to its operational policy.

Bixby Vision

Instead of S Translate, users can get started with the Google Translate app. In addition, there is also a translation option available in Bixby Vision. South Korean users of S Translate have received the following email about the discontinuation of the service:

In the meantime, we would like to thank those who have used the S Translator service. We inform you that the above service, which has given us a lot of interest and love, can no longer be provided due to the company’s operating policy. Upon termination of this service, your personal information collected for the purpose of providing the service will be destroyed without delay in order to protect your personal information.

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