Samsung introduces separate Galaxy Enhance X app for luxury devices

Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy Enhance X app for premium Galaxy smartphones. This app allows you to edit an image. So you can play with shadows and improve the light balance in photos with one tap.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance X

This app makes it possible for apps to display photos in HDR (even in more intense and less intense degrees), but also to remove a Moiré effect (stripes in your photo). Samsung writes, “For those times when you feel like your photo needs an overall facelift, Galaxy Enhance-X’s Magic feature is a one-stop solution that can make extensive yet intuitive enhancements to your photo. With just one tap, the Magic feature uses deep learning and AI to automatically correct noise, blur and fine detail, dramatically improving image quality – instantly.”

In addition, the app also offers the possibility to improve the quality of photos that you receive via social media (which are often of a lower quality). In the Upscale tool, the resolution of the image is increased by four times to add more detail to the photo. The ‘Old Photo’ tool gives old photos a fresh look thanks to generative artificial intelligence that can imagine how the photo would look in better condition. This means, among other things, that faces are easier to see and that is quite special. It is reminiscent of the Google Pixels blur tool, which can be used to sharpen blurry photos.

Samsung introduces separate Galaxy Enhance X app for luxury devices


When we tried to download the app on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it worked, but when you open it, it asks whether your system is up to date. It is, but the app insists it needs to and unfortunately won’t allow us to access it.

The Galaxy Enhance X app is now available in the Galaxy Store (but note: only for select Samsung devices).

Do you already have the Galaxy Enhance X app and if so, how do you like it? Leave it in the comments.

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