Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 gets smooth 120Hz screen

Samsung would like to follow up its foldable Galaxy Z Flip with a device that will be presented early next year. This Galaxy Z Flip 3, as the device would be called, gets, among other things, a higher refresh rate.

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A higher refresh rate ensures that animations and images are displayed more smoothly. Normal displays have a frequency of 60Hz and therefore show 60 new images per second. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has such a type of screen on board and was presented in February of this year.

New devices from Samsung, such as the Galaxy S20 line, have a screen that refreshes 120 times per second. This makes the user experience much smoother. The well-known tasty Ice Universe now let us know that the Z Flip successor will also get a 120Hz display. He also mentions that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Samsung counts the 5G variant of the Z Flip as the second version) will also get a frame with narrower edges.

Release Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Previously talked about a launch in January, but now it is said that that is not true. At that event, Samsung would only like to present the Galaxy S21 family.

Later that quarter, a presentation would follow in which the Z Flip 3 is central. According to rumors, it is not the only foldable smartphone from the manufacturer. In the corridors it is mentioned that Samsung would like to release five units in 2021.

More about the Samsung flip phone

For the rest, the good mentions that the device should be more affordable than the original Z Flip. That device came on the market here for 1500 euros. That variant could not yet handle 5G. According to rumors, the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 will get a 5G modem on board as standard. Further details about the device are still unknown.

The first Samsung Galaxy Z Flip runs on the Snapdragon 855 chip, 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The fold-out screen is 6.7 inches and also has a small display on the outside. You can quickly see information such as the time, who is calling or missed notifications.

Android Planet has extensively tested the device and you can read all the pros and cons in our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review. Would you rather watch a short video in which we discuss the device, so that you can be updated in a few minutes? Then check the video review of the foldable smartphone below.

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