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Samsung Galaxy S9: the passage under Android Pie would impact its autonomy

Many Galaxy S9 users complain of a problem with the smartphone’s autonomy after migrating to Android Pie.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 was released directly on Android 8.1 Oreo.The update to Android Pie was launched by Samsung on December 24 Users also had the opportunity to test the new OS on their powerful smartphone. , some had come across a bad surprise.The passage to Android Pie would have caused a problem in the autonomy of the camera According to the users concerned, the battery level would come down in just a few seconds an unfortunate problem that naturally embarrassed them.

A problem that only affects some Galaxy S9 only

The good news is that the bug would only touch a handful of Galaxy S9 only . Indeed, according to the site SamMobile who reported the evidence, all the owners of Samsung’s high-end smartphone do not have this problem. This makes it more difficult to determine the exact cause of the problem. But he is sure that the Samsung team is already working on it. Soon, a corrective should be proposed to solve this little problem.

By the way, another bug is also noted in the night mode with the new update Android Pie on Galaxy S9. It is now impossible to customize it. Normally, users should be able to enable and disable this mode depending on its location and the time of day. But this is not the case here . The users concerned also hope that an update next will allow to correct this small problem.

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