“Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will be released this season”

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is now really coming. At least, say persistent rumors from insiders who are usually well versed in the world of Samsung.

He’s coming, he’s coming (or not)

The Koreans of the largest company in South Korea are absolute market leaders in the field of Android phones, so it is good to see which direction Samsung is moving in. You will often also find technical innovations that can be found on Samsung phones on other phones.

And the new affordable Fan Edition (FE) version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S23, the Samsung Galaxy 23 FE, promises to unpack again, although conservatism prevails. Now that the years of the pandemic are over and the Chinese competitors Samsung are close behind, the smartphone manufacturer must do everything it can to maintain pole position in this cutthroat competition. Because there can only be one number 1.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE? Source: Samsung via

Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE coming or not?

There are many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy 23 FE. Ranging from the hardware composition, to even the rumor that it does not exist at all and that Samsung will not release this model. The latter, because after the flop of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, a Samsung Galaxy S22 FE never existed. Smartphone guru Yogesh Brar tweeted to this effect at the end of March 2023. “there is no Galaxy S23 FE in the development chain unlike what the recent rumors have been pointing.”

But this is contradicted by the South Korean daily Hankooki. According to this publication, there will be a Galaxy S23 FE, and it will be released in August or September of this year. Since they, as South Koreans, are closer to the fire than a foreign guru, many observers take this seriously. Also, because many Samsung fans, given the sky-high inflation, are at a loss and this cheaper model is urgently needed. And there is an application with the Korean certification authority for a device that is very similar to what we expect from the S23 FE.

Samsung Galaxy 23 FE instead of Galaxy A74

The planned Samsung Galaxy A74 would die instead, according to the said Hankooki article. The sales of the predecessor A73 were not great (by Samsung standards) with 3 million units. Because the A7 series also cannibalizes other product lines, Samsung therefore wants an end to this product line, according to insiders.

And, unlike in 2022, there will no longer be any shortages of semiconductors in 2023, which means that Samsung factories will be able to roll endless quantities of smartphones off the assembly line without any problems. In 2022, the huge chaebol logically focused on the more lucrative premium models. That will no longer be necessary in 2023.

The Samsung headquarters. Only here is known exactly what the Samsung Galaxy 23 FE will look like…

Release this summer or first fall month

Both Hankooki and other sources mention the months of July to September as the launch window for this latest Samsung member. But not in all regions. In some other countries, the smartphone will not be available until early 2024.

The retail price of the predecessor S21 FE was around $700. Since inflation has hit hard since then, the price of the successor Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will certainly not be below this, expect observers.

Worse chipset and camera than the S23…

To prevent the latest FE from cannibalizing the flagship, the chipset and camera set will be less than the much more expensive S23. Buyers have to make do with the older Exynos 2200 chipset. The S23 has the much better Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

Leaker TechReve reported on Twitter the following:

  • Exynos2200- 6.4 Gbps LPDDR5 6/8 GB RAM- UFS 3.1 128GB/256GB- Front camera: 12 MP 1.12um- Wide-angle camera: Wide-angle 50 MP 1.0um GN3- 3x telephoto camera: 8 MP 1.0um Hi-347 – Ultra wide angle camera: 12MP 1.12um IMX258

The sensor of the Samsung Galaxy 23 FE is also worse, with 10 MP instead of the 50 megapixel of the S23. But you can expect that, given the much lower price.

Finally, leakers mention 128GB or 256GB for storage, plus another 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

Still a consolation prize for Samsung Galaxy 23 FE

Is everything about the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE worse or at most equal to that of its more expensive cousin? The answer: no, there is one exception. Because if the rumors are correct, the S23 FE (for Samsung standards) will really get a whopper of a battery. With 4500 Wh storage capacity, and 25 watt charging speed, possibly even with wireless charging option, you will not easily be left with an empty phone.

Perhaps a small consolation for the Samsung fan who really wants the best of the best, but cannot afford an S23 Pro or Ultra. But the good Samsung update policy and the trusted polished quality of Samsung models, they will of course remain.

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