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Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers leaked: download them all

It can never be long until the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. More and more is becoming known. Now the Galaxy S21 wallpapers have been leaked, which you can download for your own smartphone.

Galaxy S21 wallpapers

With every new smartphone series, a manufacturer also supplies new backgrounds. This includes Samsung, which has been working behind the scenes on new wallpapers for the Galaxy S21 series. This series will consist of three models, which we have heard a lot about in recent weeks. On Friday we wrote about the leaked press photos. The S21 series is the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra.

The three smartphones come with a new series of wallpapers, which you can now download and set for your own smartphone. In total it concerns 22 images, which are divided into different types. They are 12 high-resolution wallpapers, 4 high-res DeX wallpapers and 6 high-res lock screen wallpapers. This also includes a number of live wallpapers.

If you want to download the images for your own device, you can download them here.

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