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Samsung Galaxy S21 series sales prices announced

The possible sales prices of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series are known. The S21 and S21 Plus may be priced slightly lower than their predecessors. For the S21 Ultra, the pricing looks less advantageous.

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Price Samsung Galaxy S21 series: good and bad news

Early next year, Samsung will announce the S21 series. Much is already known about the smartphones and now we also have a better idea of ​​the sales price. Website Galaxy Club shares the following basic prices:

So we have good and bad news. If these prices are correct, the Galaxy S21 is 120 euros cheaper than its immediate predecessor. The Galaxy S20 cost 999 euros at launch. For the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, the price drop is less impressive. With a difference of 20 euros, the price reduction is almost negligible. The small difference can disappear in some countries due to the applicable VAT rates.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The likely price falls are a welcome development. Samsung’s flagship phones had been on the rise for a few years now. According to the rumor of Galaxy Club, the company will break this trend for two of the three devices next year.

The bad news is that the Galaxy S21 Ultra costs 50 euros more than its predecessor: 1399 euros. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was sold for 1,349 euros after its launch in March 2020.

We already know this about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series are flying around our ears. In terms of specifications, the new smartphones are very similar to their predecessors. You could unlock them with your voice and the S21 Ultra may receive support for the S Pen. The colors of the three S21 devices are now also known.

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