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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: It’s worth the wait

Samsung will be bringing a “Fan Edition” of the Galaxy S21 onto the market this year as well. The predecessor was a really good choice, but the new generation will be even more so, as new details are already revealing.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: The cheaper top smartphone

With the Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung is planning a special modification of the current top smartphone. It should primarily be aimed at “fans” of the brand, but will also be a good option for anyone else who is interested. New pictures have appeared that show the smartphone in four different colors. In addition, the first prizes have become known. Compared to the Galaxy S20 FE, the Galaxy S21 FE should be cheaper. Converted $ 630 to $ 720 should cost the cell phone in the home country. The previous generation started at $ 810.

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New cell phones 2020: We can still look forward to this smartphone

That would of course make the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE even more interesting for Germany. This year one can assume that there will be no chaos in terms of equipment. In this country only that will be Exynos processor of the Galaxy S21 are used and otherwise the familiar features of the top cell phone. Even the design should be identical, except for the choice of materials. The frame of the Galaxy S21 FE should be made of plastic again. In addition, the display should be slightly larger at 6.4 inches. The mobile phone would be placed directly between the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus, but would cost significantly less.

In this Video you can see the current Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:

Will there only be a 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

But one big question still remains. Will Samsung also offer the Galaxy S21 FE with a 4G modem? The Galaxy S21 is only available with a 5G modemso that one would actually have to assume that the “Fan Edition” will only appear in one version. It is currently not known when the new generation will be presented. The Galaxy S20 FE was shown in September. So we don’t have to wait too long.

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