Samsung Galaxy S20 FE receives security update from July 2021

A new update is being rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer is updated with a new security update. It is a major update for the device.

Galaxy S20 FE: July Patch

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Samsung has started distributing a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The smartphone is being updated with a new security update, which we have already encountered for several devices in recent weeks. It is security update July 2021, which not only takes patches from Google, but also brings some Samsung patches.

DroidApp readers Marco and Richard let us know that they have received the update on their smartphones. It is a big update with a size of 773MB. It is not clear from the changelog what further changes have been made by Samsung; so that remains unclear. There may have been some improvements made behind the scenes for the Galaxy S20 FE. The update can be downloaded from now on, with the 5G model being the first to turn. The 4G version is expected to follow shortly.

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