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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: The Ever-Dependable Ice Universe has again tweeted images of the 2019 editions of the Samsung Galaxy S10, this time, the S10 Lite variant. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, the low priced 5.8 inch display variant of the Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones to be released in February 2019.

Power Button to Act as Fingerprint Sensor?

The image shows the back panel and the side views of the phone. On the left side, you have a small button and a longer one than that. These can be concluded to the Bixby button and the volume rocker. Now, on the other side is the power on / off button. It does not appear as if the fingerprint sensor, as well as a close up of the image, indicates that it has a separate round portion within the long button to do this job of fingerprint sensing. The round sensor you would get in the rear panel has been integrated into this side power button. This appears to be a very smart move by Samsung. The S10 Lite is concerned, since the expensive 3D ultrasound sensors will be only available at the higher end of the world. Galaxy S10 Lite, Flat Screen, Side fingerprint recognition.

May Succeed Over Apple’s iPhone XR

Apple too has been eyeing this segment and hadfully released the iPhone XR variant last September, in a way keeping its iPhone XE model. But the general consensus is that Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite might score much better in the market than the iPhone XR.

Interesting developments.

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