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Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge other phones

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 you can charge other smartphones and smartwatches, just as with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is possible. It is only the question how practical this function is.


‘Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge other smartphones’

The last week was dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S10. Not only did leak out the design of the new flagship, we also found out that there is probably a Lite and Plus version to come. In addition, virtually all specifications leaked.

As if that was not enough information, Sammobile does little bit extra. The website reports that the Galaxy S10 is able to charge other smartphones. This function is called Powershare and you can supply both Android smartphones and iPhones.

It works like this. You put the Galaxy S10 with its back on another phone and the battery of this device is automatically charged. Of course, the receiving phone must have wireless charging. According to Sammobile, all three Galaxy S10 devices have Powershare.

A gimmick, or more than that?

Although the function sounds interesting on paper, the question is how often you will use it. In fact, charging another phone wirelessly in practice is very slow, making it no more than a gimmick. At least, this applies to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which can also charge other smartphones.

Moreover, we think that the battery of the Galaxy S10 is pretty quickly empty when you use it to charge other smartphones. Perhaps it is therefore the intention to charge your Samsung smartwatch with Powershare for example. After all, a smart watch has a much less large battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will probably be announced on February 20, after which it will be in shops on March 8th. According to recent rumors the flagship costs between 800 and 900 euros. For the Lite variant you pay about 650 euros while the S10 Plus gets a suggested retail price of 1000 euros.

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