Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra can be charged with 65 watts

In recent years, Samsung has been at the bottom of the rankings of the phones that can charge the fastest; while Chinese competitors are increasingly working on 65-watt chargers, Samsung’s charging capacity was often limited to 25 watts. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra, this would change and Samsung introduces its own 65-watt charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

Although there is speculation about the end of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, it seems that we will be able to welcome a number of Note phones in 2021. One of those phones will serve as a testing ground for Samsung’s fastest phone charger to date, according to reports from LetsGoDigital. Samsung is said to be working on a 65-watt charger, which it wants to introduce together with the Note 21 series.

To date, most high-end Samsung phones are limited to a charging speed of 25 watts, with the exception of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which could be charged with a maximum of 45 watts. However, to achieve these charging speeds, you had to purchase an extra fast charger; The maximum charging speed could not be reached with the charger in the box. Since the supply of chargers from the Galaxy S21 series is restricted, additional costs will also have to be incurred for this 65 watt charger.

Samsung’s 65 watt charger

The charger, which already passed through a certification body in September 2020, has model number EP-TA865 and can charge with up to 20V / 3.25A, or 65 watts. The USB logo is prominently displayed on the Samsung charger. Samsung is probably using the USB-PD specification for its 65 watt fast charger. In practice, this could mean that the Galaxy Note device does not necessarily have to be charged with this Samsung charger, but that any USB-PD charger would work to achieve the maximum speed.

Whether Samsung will actually launch the charger with the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra is still unknown – the company could also introduce the charger with its Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung would like to focus on foldable phones from 2021; Introducing such “important features” on a foldable device could help Samsung draw attention to its Z Fold phones. For the time being, the coffee grounds will continue to look and the details should be taken with a grain of salt.

’65 watts is the standard ‘

Samsung’s introduction of the 65-watt charger is not entirely surprising: over the past year, the charging speeds of phones have been increasing at an increasing rate. Even many midrange phones from Chinese brands can charge with 30 watts, while Samsung is lagging behind with 25 watt chargers for its high-end phones. In the high-end segment, 65 watts seems to be gradually becoming the standard: OPPO and OnePlus, companies under the same parent company, both use 65 watt chargers.

Xiaomi went even further with its Mi 10 Ultra, introducing a 120-watt charger, while Lenovo offers 90-watt charging speeds on its Legion phone. At such speeds you may wonder what the long-term effects will be, especially due to the increasing heat production during charging. Do you think Samsung will equip its Note 21 series with a 65 watt charger, or will another device get the credit? Please let us know your opinion in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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