Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will compete with the AirPods Pro, but for a better price.

Benchmark within the wireless earbuds are the AirPods Pro. Apple has managed to dominate the market within this segment in a short time. In recent years we have seen the necessary clones pass by. An important competitor for Apple is Samsung with the Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds Pro will be coming soon and now a price has come out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price

In keeping with the tradition of new Samsung products, information about the Galaxy Buds Pro has been leaked. In this case the price. First, the AirPods Pro, which you can purchase for 209 euros. The price of the Galaxy Buds Pro does not seem to be far from it. According to WalkingCat the earphones cost $ 199. That’s $ 30 more compared to the regular Galaxy Buds Live. The suggested retail price of those things is 189 euros in the Netherlands. With that in mind, the Galaxy Buds Pro will cost 209 euros here. Exactly the same price as the AirPods Pro.

Unlike Apple, Samsung products are often available for a lower price after just a few months. You can buy the same Galaxy Buds Live for 129 euros at various electronics stores. So with the launch, the price of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro may be at Apple’s level, but eventually Koreans will come out as the cheapest through discounts.

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