‘Samsung Galaxy A 2019 fingerprint scanner is on the screen’

Samsung intends to put fingerprint scanners in the screen in the Galaxy A90, Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50. These unannounced smartphones become the first cheaper devices with the technology.


Samsung Galaxy A 2019 fingerprint scanner gets upgrade

We will see more smartphones in 2019 with the fingerprint scanner in the screen, but you will not always have to pay the main prize. According to the generally reliable ETNews, Samsung will implement the technology in the next generation Galaxy A devices. The Korean source reports that the Samsung Galaxy A90, Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50 will be unveiled in the second quarter of 2019, but does not give any further specifications and details.

The Galaxy A series is becoming increasingly important for Samsung. Topman DJ Koh stated last year that ‘groundbreaking’ functions are now the first to be introduced on midrange smartphones, and no longer on expensive models in the Galaxy S and Note series. We saw the first examples last fall, when Samsung introduced the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9 with respectively three and four cameras on the rear.

Scanner not ultrasonic, but optical

The three aircraft are probably equipped with an optical image sensor, just like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and OnePlus 6T . Below the screen layer is a camera that takes a picture of your fingerprint and compares it with the previously made scan.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is not expected to have an optical but ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the screen. It scans your finger with very small vibrations in the image. Ultrasonic scanners are faster and more accurate, but also a lot more complex. The Galaxy S10 is probably the first smartphone with the technology; cheaper models from the manufacturer have to wait a little longer.

Many new Samsung smartphones

It seems to be busy months for Samsung. At the end of January the manufacturer presents a new budget series with the Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30. Subsequently, on February 20, the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled. At an event in San Francisco not only that new flagship is shown, but also the first 5G and foldable smartphone from Samsung This Galaxy A series probably follows only after the violence of the other announcements.

According to the same source, Samsung will release six smartphones in the Galaxy A series later in 2019. However, these models do not have the fingerprint scanner in the screen, but sit on the back or on the side. However, they are equipped with multiple cameras on the back. The source also claims that Samsung equips the devices with a 3D sensor, which provides better support for augmented reality apps.

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