Samsung denies making fake moon photos with Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung denies adding details to moon photos taken by the Galaxy S23 Ultra. According to the manufacturer, AI – artificial intelligence – makes the photos more beautiful, but no image overlay is applied to the moon photos.

Fake or not?

Are the moon photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra fake or real? Yesterday a Redditor claimed that the S23 Ultra adds details to lunar photos that aren’t there at all. To do this, he took a picture of a blurry image of the moon that he had downloaded from the Internet. The photo he then took of this with his S23 Ultra, however, was full of detail.

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Smartphone manufacturers have been using AI for years to make photos more beautiful. Among other things, through various scene optimization technologies – in which several photos are taken with, for example, different exposures – manufacturers compensate for the small camera sensors. The special thing about the aforementioned moon photos, however, is that Samsung seems to be adding details, which are therefore not there. Huawei did this before in 2019.

Response from Samsung

However, Samsung now denies adding details and gives TomsGuide the following response:

Samsung is committed to delivering best-in-class photo experiences in every circumstance. When a user takes a picture of the moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the moon as the main object and takes multiple shots for multi-frame composition, after which AI enhances the details of the image quality and colors. No image overlay is applied to the photo. Users can deactivate the AI-based Scene Optimizer, which disables automatic detail enhancements to the photo taken by the user.

Several manufacturers do it

A user on Twitter reports that not only Samsung seems to add detail. He took moon photos with a OnePlus 11 and an iPhone 14 Pro and these photos also seem to work.

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What do you think?

What exactly is a photo? If we take a look at the Dikke van Dale, it says the following: a photo is a photographic recording (1), printed on paper (2). You can still see a photo as an immortal image of a certain place.

As mentioned above, photos taken with our smartphones have been made more beautiful than they actually are for years. By means of AI, we get more light in our photos, among other things, and images of the sky – for example on Google’s Pixel smartphones – are often a little too blue. However, adding details that are not there is an extra step.

What do you think about the fact that sometimes details are added to photos that aren’t there? Let us know in our AW Poll, which you can find here.

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