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Samsung advertises its smartphones with fake photos

Samsung has been advertising its Galaxy smartphones with razor-sharp photos for several years. The company boasts above all with its “Space Zoom” function, with which users can photograph the moon and achieve spectacular shots. But the photos are obviously fake.

If you want to photograph the moon with your smartphone and hope for high-resolution images, you have to expect disappointment. Because most snapshots are blurred, unclear or simply: sobering. This is because smartphone cameras cannot compete with professional camera equipment.

Photographing the moon: Samsung advertises Galaxy smartphones with fake photos

Because in order to shoot high-resolution photos of the night sky or distant objects like the moon, you need a certain knack, the right exposure time, a tripod and above all: a zoom lens. Or: A smartphone from Samsung – at least when it comes to the manufacturer.

The company has been boasting about its so-called “Space Zoom” function for some time, which is said to outshine even significantly more expensive SLR cameras. Samsung advertises its Galaxy smartphones with razor-sharp photos of the moon. But they are obviously fake.

“Space Zoom”: Reddit user exposes fake photos from Samsung

Because the Reddit user “ibreakphotos“ has now proven that the photos of the moon on his Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra do not correspond to reality. Accordingly, the smartphone has added details to the recordings that do not exist at all.

In one experiment, he resized a photo of the moon to 170 by 170 pixels and painted it white. He then opened the blurred image on a computer screen and darkened the room in order to photograph the monitor from a few meters away with his Samsung smartphone.

Photographing the moon: Samsung’s artificial intelligence distorts images

The result: A photo of the moon with mountains and craters that resembles a realistic and high-resolution image of the lunar surface. For the Reddit user “ibreakfotos” one thing is clear: “Samsung’s moon pictures are fake. Samsung’s marketing is misleading.”

Samsung revealed last year that the company relies on artificial intelligence for moon photos. However, according to official information, the recordings are only supposed to be realistic and suppress image noise, for example. However, the experiment shows that the Samsung software not only optimizes photos, but sometimes completely changes them.

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