Samsung: a 5G and a smartphone by 2019

The 5G arrives for Samsung

The number one of the smartphone market brings the news to light: a 5G smartphone will be launched with operator Verizon A launch scheduled for the first half of 2019.

Samsung: the 5G here we are

It should be remembered that the 5G is expected by a lot of smartphone enthusiasts in particular thanks to its ability to transfer heavy data mobile much faster. “The 5G mobility service will provide considerable bandwidth, greater connectivity, and increased network reliability. Once fully implemented, it will offer a much faster capacity and download speed than the current 4G LTE network “a Samsung and Verizon statement said.

The two companies were for a long time in negotiation phase . Samsung firmly believes that 5G is more than just a network. Artificial intelligence will only be better with this 5G according to Samsung. This justifies the $ 22 billion invested in research with the parallel launch of their own modem 5G, the Exynos 5100 set up on the next Samsung Galaxy S10 . Mark Louison, vice president of Samsung said “excited to work with Verizon on this adventure to create unprecedented user experiences with 5G technology” . Ed Chan, Chief Technology and Planning Architect at Verizon added “5G has been in development for years and thanks to our collaboration with Samsung, we can make it a reality for our customers” . A kind of partnership that seems more than interesting although it still lacks a bit of security.

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