Safer use of passwords on macOS

Safe handling of your passwords is important. macOS has its own resources for this. In this article we explain how to use passwords on macOS safely.

Passwords on macOS

When it comes to your passwords, there are some basic things to keep in mind. For example, it is wise to choose a different password for each account. Passwords that are longer are more secure than passwords that are shorter. And it’s smart to use a password manager so you don’t have to remember all those secure passwords yourself.

If you use macOS, there are a lot of different password managers available. In our opinion, these are the top four password apps of which macOS versions also exist. We also explain how to start using a password manager in five steps.

macOS offers a keychain

However, you don’t need to download a third party app, as the latest versions of macOS make it much easier to handle your passwords securely without additional programs.

Apple uses the word ‘keychain’ for this. This is an encrypted repository where your passwords are stored. This place is not only used for passwords, but also for other trusted information such as your credit card numbers. The idea of ​​a key ring is that you always have it with you and that only you can reach it. That is also the case with macOS.

If you use iCloud, this keychain will be synchronized between all your devices. That means if you have a password stored on your iPhone, you can find it on your Mac too.

passwords on mac

Keychain access

The Mac has the Keychain Access app. There you will find all the passwords and other data you have stored with Apple. You can find any password there. Of course you must first log in before you can view the data, so that no one else can secretly see all your passwords on your Mac.

Create passwords via Safari

If you use Safari, the browser will recommend a strong password as soon as you try to create an account. You only have to tap on ‘Use strong password’. You don’t have to remember the password yourself, because Apple does that for you in a secure way. The next time you want to log in, the password will be entered automatically.

You can look up passwords that you have created via Safari by going to ‘Preferences> Passwords’ in the browser. Or you ask Siri for your passwords.

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