Rush of users to Threema, Signal and Telegram

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Every Monday morning, t3n editor-in-chief Luca Caracciolo reports on five things that are important to start the week. This time it’s about the WhatsApp terms and conditions and Tesla competitor Nio.

It’s about the most relevant messenger in the world: WhatsApp users must accept the new general terms and conditions by February 8, otherwise they can no longer use the messenger. Those who confirm the new terms and conditions also agree to the data exchange with Facebook. According to a spokeswoman, data transfer should not apply to Europe, but there is still great excitement.

1. Whatsapp terms and conditions cause explosion of users at Threema, Signal and Telegram

Telegram reported 500 million users in the past week, and Signal experienced a surge of users, not least thanks to Elon Musk’s recommendation. Threema was also able to benefit. The Swiss Messenger app was at number 1 in the charts for payment apps in the app stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It’s amazing how users apparently react to concerns about data protection. Whatsapp will probably not suffer any significant damage in terms of user numbers, but the damage to its image alone should not be underestimated. In any case, we have compiled the Whatsapp alternatives for you.

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2. 1,000 kilometers range? Tesla competitor Nio launches electric sedan

The Chinese manufacturer Nio plans to launch a premium electric car on the market in early 2022. The ET7 electric sedan could be a serious competitor for Tesla’s Model S and the Porsche Taycan – especially when you look at the promised range: the model with the largest battery should achieve a range of up to 1,000 kilometers.

3. Trump and Silicon Valley: When 2 tech billionaires pull the plug

After storming the Capitol, the United States and the whole world look to Joe Biden to be sworn in on Wednesday. Will chaotic conditions arise again? In any case, Trump has been silenced by the big tech company: Twitter has blocked him permanently. Apple and Google have thrown the alt-right platform Parler from the app store, and Amazon has stopped hosting the app via AWS. Our reporter Jan Vollmer has analyzed the background.

4. This Twitch bot knows where to buy PS5

You still haven’t got a Playstation 5? The next-gen console from Sony is still largely out of stock. This gave the Twitch streamer “xMellowbagx” a very special idea: the so-called “PS5 Checker Bot” is running in its stream. It checks the usual online shops with delivery to Germany for availability and emits a sound if an inventory is detected on Playstation 5.

5th practical tip of the week: Positive psychology for managers

Managers need to keep their team together and motivate them, especially in times of crisis. The positive psychology approach can help with this. How exactly? The psychologist Nico Rose explains in the t3n podcast.

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