Roosmarijn was 37 weeks pregnant: ‘Contractions started right in front of the flower stand’

“The story of a woman who gave birth in the supermarket once went viral. It will happen to you, I thought. So I carefully planned my delivery with my first child. A lot of rest, preferably at home, in the bath, and everything had to of course. The baby should not be taken away from me, we would not wash it and in the unlikely event that things go differently, those rules in the hospital still applied where possible.

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Right in front of the flower stall

It turned out as I hoped, so when I got pregnant with our second daughter I was sure I would repeat this birthing plan. Not that I was very concerned about that, because I was ‘only’ 37 weeks pregnant. I had quite a craving for vegetables, so I went to the market with my boyfriend and daughter, like every Saturday. And there, right in front of the flower stall, contractions broke out. And not gradually: I got the full blow. The car was parked at least a kilometer away, I couldn’t save it.

The market stall owner called the ambulance, which arrived within ten minutes. There the brother noticed seven centimeters of dilation, which was reason to drive straight to the hospital. There went my plan. And fortunately, because half an hour later Mila was there. Naturally giving birth and attachment parenting; within a minute she was lying on a chest of drawers far from me. But it was fine. ”

This article can be found in Kek Mama 01-2021.

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