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Road 96 – Apkrig

One of the smaller but definitely remarkable games that debuted at this year’s The Game Awards is Road 96, a 1996 story adventure in the fictional land of Petria. Here the authoritarian regime grips its iron fist, but it is summer, a time for adventure, and so the main heroine sets out to escape for freedom.

Road 96 offers a procedurally generated world, thousands of roads lead beyond the borders, according to the authors. But each will be dangerous, and every mile an important decision awaits you on how to proceed. These will affect not only your future, but also the people you meet, and perhaps the whole world.

The authors certainly do not lack ambition, but they have games like Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold in their biography, so they are not complete greenhorns and emotional moments are not foreign to them. Road 96 is inspired by the work of the Coen brothers, but also in the work of Quentin Tarantino or Pong Chun-ho. It brings the promise of a crazy but beautiful road trip full of twists, captivating visuals and a soundtrack full of hits from the 90s.

You can look forward to the event, exploration, meeting interesting people and discovering their destinies, crazy situations and melancholic moments, all against the background of the story of government oppression. The sun-drenched images and the overall stylization remind us of the conversational drama Firewatch.

The game is currently planned for the PC, it should be released next year.

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