Rewe bans paper brochures and relies on WhatsApp

After the abolition of plastic bags in 2016, Rewe will no longer use printed paper brochures. Instead, the supermarket chain wants to send the weekly offers via WhatsApp. The backgrounds.

“Rewe sends the paper brochure to the museum”: This is the title of a recently published one press release the supermarket chain. In it, the company announces that it intends to dispense with printed weekly offers in the future.

Rewe does away with paper brochures and relies on WhatsApp

With the change, the supermarket chain wants to support environmental and climate protection and save costs. The company had previously made its offers available online and via the Rewe app. Now the paper catalog is to be completely retired. Alternatively, Rewe would like to send its offers via WhatsApp.

After a corresponding test phase, the company already introduced the service in the Aug 2022 nationwide one. The result: the digital brochures met with great customer interest. This was shown by the registration rates for the service itself as well as the opening rates and the length of stay.

This is how Rewe customers use the brochure via WhatsApp

To subscribe to the digital offer, interested parties can go to the company website scan a corresponding QR code. If you already have WhatsApp installed, you will automatically be taken to a chat. Otherwise, users must first download the service.

After the scan, they then have to follow the corresponding instructions: Consumers can send a message, for example, to state their postcode or location and select their desired market. The free subscription will then start and the offer messages will appear automatically in the WhatsApp chat every Sunday.

The services are implemented via Meta’s official business partner 360dialog. If you want to deactivate the digital prospectus, send a message with the term “stop” to end the service.

Rewe relies on WhatsApp: the end of 25 million paper brochures per week

According to Rewe board member Peter Maly, paper brochures have been part of the company’s history since the 1930s. In addition, it has been by far the most important advertising medium in the industry for decades. Many people find the decision not to use the papers risky.

“But we can only improve when it comes to sustainability if we rethink, question the old and show courage. With our future-oriented mix of digital offers, TV and advertising, we not only reach our customers more precisely, but also more sustainably,” says Maly.

Farewell with memorial gallery

In order to stage the renunciation of printed paper brochures, Rewe has set up a so-called #umdenkbar pop-up gallery in Berlin’s Freiheit. Among other things, the company is exhibiting the last copy of the brochure there.

Most recently, Rewe printed and distributed around 25 million brochures every Saturday – more than double the total circulation of all daily newspapers in Germany.

According to the company, the changed communication of offers will save more than 73,000 tons of paper, 70,000 tons of CO2, 1.1 million tons of water and 380 million kilowatt hours of energy every year. As early as July 2023, the paper offer sheets should disappear from German mailboxes.

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