Review of ArtFormer: Ancient Stories -apkrig

Review of ArtFormer: Ancient Stories -apkrig

14. 10. 2021

After early access, Czech developers from the Buffa Software studio released a full version of their classic historical platformer ArtFormer: Ancient Stories. It is especially proud of its distinctive imaginative stylization, which presents four stories and worlds stylized in the form of cave paintings, Egyptian papyrus, Greek ceramics and Roman mosaics. Despite many different ideas, however, form sometimes wins over content. You can find more in our video review.

  • The diversity of historical periods and their distinctive visual style and rendering
  • A working combat system
  • Linking the Greek chapter with Iliad and Odyssey
  • The reward for completing the chapter is historical information and context
  • Awkward control combined with the need for precise navigation of the figure, for example when climbing a ladder
  • Lifeless equestrian and boat passages
  • Deploy a checkpoint that sometimes forces you to repeat unnecessary sections of the game
  • Cheap interface, not always ideal functionality, for example in inventory
  • Alternating difficulty and sections disrupting the player’s immersion in the world of the game

Unfortunately, ArtFormer is the victory of form over content. At first glance, the artistic stylization is interesting, but it does not tighten the whole game, which is unfortunately only an average and in many respects unfinished platformer.

5 Verdict

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