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reverse wireless charging, do you use that?

Many phones feature reverse wireless charging. With this function you can charge other devices with your phone. We are curious if it is widely used, so leave your vote in the new AW Poll.

What is reverse wireless charging?

Reverse wireless charging or reverse wireless charging is a technique that many smartphones have on the specification list. Reverse wireless charging lets you charge compatible earphones, watches, phones and more from your phone’s battery.

All you have to do is activate the function on your smartphone. Then the back of your smartphone turns into a wireless charging station. Charging accessories in this way is generally not very fast, but it may be just enough to listen to music for an hour on the train with your earbuds. Please note that the battery of your phone drains faster with reverse wireless charging. So only use the function if you don’t have a charger at hand.

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AW Poll

Do Androidworld readers actually use reverse wireless charging? That’s what we want to find out in our new AW Poll today. So let us know by voting in the poll below and leaving a comment in the comments.

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