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We were not very pleased to reveal the release date, we hoped in March. But at least we got a playable demo. The whole passage does not take long, on the second attempt you complete it in just ten minutes. After all, the authors themselves call it a “visual showcase”, it works more like a playable teaser, which is supposed to confuse you with the atmosphere and audiovisual form of the game.

We admit that the haunting and oppressive atmosphere of the empty corridors of the lavishly furnished castle worked very well for us, but we still couldn’t shake the impression that Capcom was playing too sure and repeating the best practices from the past almost to the letter.

If you still remember the mysterious demo version of Beginning Hour for Resident Evil 7, know that Maiden is literally stealing its style. Once again, we get into the role of a defenseless character who must escape from a dangerous environment, again the first object found will be a massive splitter and again use clichés such as the inconspicuous passage of an unknown character, which you will see from the other end of the corridor through a crack in the door.

Fear comes mainly from ambient sounds, especially down in the basement, we were sometimes unsure whether the footsteps belonged to us or the scathing danger that creeps in the shadows. Something sometimes falls into absolute silence in front of you, or someone laughs mischievously or grunts frighteningly.

Compared to the aforementioned Beginning Hour, however, Maiden has one significant disadvantage. The preview of the seventh part came out at a time when we knew almost nothing about the game, we had no idea what dangers would be lurking in the house, we could only guess the meaning of the videotape with a strange TV show and moreover the mystery with the dummy’s finger worked great, which was cracked by other updates that the demo received.

Maiden, on the other hand, comes at a time when we have already seen extensive trailers, we know what awaits us in the castle and the chateau, and the oppressive uncertainty is therefore the one there, the surprise simply cannot take place and does not even take place in the final. In addition, the demonstrations of the full game show that the new Resident Evil will not be played for the most part.

Still, if you have a PlayStation 5 at home and you’re at least a little horror positive, be sure to give the demo a chance. Those few moments can freeze quite nicely in the back of the neck and just as a demonstration of the capabilities of RE Engine, they work perfectly. May it be May!

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