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Renders paint a razor-sharp image of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

A lot is already known about the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Now renders from OnLeaks are added to that. This gives us an even better picture of the affordable and ‘grand’ 5G device from Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G renders paint a razor-sharp image

The first leaked images of the A32 5G were still a bit vague. Some of the design elements remained secret. Fortunately, reveals OnLeaks now these hidden parts with the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G renders he through Voice shares. The images are so detailed that they seem to come straight from Samsung.

The renders show that the device has three cameras on the back. These have not been incorporated into one large camera bump, but have been processed separately in the device. This makes the design of the back look fresher. The primary camera is said to be a whopping 48 megapixels. Furthermore, the device also has a depth sensor of 2 megapixels. With this extra sensor you can add just a little more depth to your photos. This comes in handy, for example, when you take a portrait photo.

The front of the Galaxy A32 is a bit more ordinary. Naturally, a front camera has been incorporated into the device. With a small v-notch, the selfie camera only takes up a small part of the screen.

Big, bigger, biggest: Samsung comes out with the affordable Galaxy A32 5G

The screen covers 6.5 inches and the device is a total of 16.4 by 7.6 centimeters and 0.9 centimeters thick. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G comparable in size to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In short: it is a considerable device.

The fingerprint scanner is incorporated in the on and off button on the right side of the device. This is by far one of the most convenient places to process the sensor. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a USB-C charging port and a headphone connection.

Renders Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Information about the processor, memory and screen resolution is not available yet. However, as the name suggests, the device is ready for 5G. The Galaxy A32 is said to be the most affordable 5G phone. Even cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. It was recently launched in Europe.

It is still unclear when Samsung will officially unveil the A32 5G. According to the latest rumors, we can expect the device in stores in a few months. However, this can always turn out differently in reality.

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