Remaster Diabla II this year, a new Czech game from Attu, Ratchet & Clank in Czech and Doom Girl -apkrig

Instead of one talking head, we return to the concept of two talking heads. We have BlizzCon behind us, so there was no shortage of news and, to be honest, we would actually need to fit much more into the news. But what, we’ve done our best.

List of topics

00:46 – Confirmed, a remaster of the famous Diablo II will be released this year. Console owners, including Switches, can also look forward to it. Authors Crash and Tony are working on the game

09:27 – Summary from BlizzCon 2021. We have a selection of the most important for you: Diablo IV, Blizzard Arcade Collection, Overwatch 2…

17:33 – Overwatch 2 offers a reworked duel and story. Developers at BlizzCon talked about changes in PvP, heroes, campaigns and introduced a pair of maps

25:08 – Authors Feudal Alloy announce new Scarlet Deer Inn game. The main heroine of the medieval platformer is a shy girl. The novelty has a beautiful stylization

28:06 – The new Ratchet & Clank will have Czech subtitles. The location is confirmed by your local Sony representative. The planned game is said to be ideal for newcomers to the series

30:33 – A canceled game from Rare for Nintendo 64 has appeared on the Internet. The title Dinosaur Planet has finally become a sequel to Star Fox for the GameCube

35:50 – Rainbow Six: Siege enters its 6th year of active service. New operators and changes in the functioning of the game and design are coming. Everything will start on March 16

43:15 – This week we’ll play a few hours of Outriders for free. New cooperative sci-fi event from the authors Painkiller and Bulletstorm attracts an extensive demo

48:06 – The lifespan of DualSens can only be around 400 hours. The information is provided by the popular YouTube channel iFixIt. He discussed the problems with the levers in detail

55:15 – The authors of Doom Eternal thought that the main heroine could be a woman. The Marine in skirts was introduced 22 years ago by the multiplayer event Quake III Arena

58:05 – Speculation: Switch Pro with DLSS, Bluepoint Games to Sony and ZeniMax action under Microsoft

1:03:42 – The Polish prime minister will enter the ring at Tekken 7. Unfortunately, we will still miss other politicians for the Visegrad Four tournament

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